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HOPE Program: Helping Organizations Provide and Empower

Our Mission Outreach program is called HOPE: Helping Organizations Provide and Empower. HOPE reminds us that there are so many wonderful charitable organizations in our community that need our help, but more importantly, we are reminded that our hope is in The Lord.

Want to find out more about the organizations we support?Our Connect page will link you to their websites and/or social media.

We are blessed to have parishioners act as liaisons between the groups and our mission. A liaison keeps us informed of the needs and upcoming events of an organization, they visit with parishioners who are interested in learning more about a group, and they often deliver items donated for their organization.

If you are interested in being a liaison for the Mission, contact Betty Jo in the CTK Mission Office

The first component of HOPE is our HOPE Carts that are located in the vestibule of Christ the King. These carts were previously used in our Honduras Warehouse, and we are thrilled that they continue to help our parish missions. After receiving a list of needs from our Mission Partners, donation lists are compiled each month. You can find the current HOPE List posted above the HOPE Carts, in the bulletin, and on our Mission website. If you would like to have the list emailed to you each month, sign up on FLOCKNOTE. Added bonus - you'll also receive the MOMS Pantry List.

The second component of HOPE is our projects. The Pandemic has compelled us to think of things that can be done from home, and that was the inspiration for our two projects.

HOPE Soap is simply cutting a bar of soap into travel size pieces to be used in the showers at Jericho Way. We put them in small ziploc baggies left over from the Honduras Mission - another fruit from our earlier labor.

HOPE Sacks are gallon-size ziploc bags that are filled with nonperishable food. Until we are able to make hot meals that can be served to a group, this is a way to get nourishment to people who are experiencing food insecurity.

For more information about HOPE, or to share your thoughts and/or ideas, please contact Betty Jo King at the CTK Mission Office.

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