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Touching the hearts of people by giving them beautiful flowers

Our Team Leaders are Janie Kelley and Kristin McConnell

Questions?  Contact them at

What is LOVE in Blooms?

LOVE in Blooms is a flower ministry of Christ the King. We make small flower arrangements to remind people that they are loved. Our arrangements are donated to nursing home patients, people who are homebound, and anyone else who could use a little beauty, and a reminder of Christ's love, in their lives.

How can I participate?

We have supplies located in the Gathering Space between the Church and the Family Life Center.  Packets of aluminum cups, rocks, note and ribbon are located in the lower cabinets. Just purchase some flowers, add water, and leave your arrangement on the countertop of the sink area when you attend mass on Sunday Morning. Deliveries are scheduled for Mondays.

Why aluminum cups?

We use aluminum cups for our vases because they won't break like glass and they can be recycled. This makes it much easier for nursing homes and people who are homebound - no glass vases to deal with once the flowers have wilted. And the aluminum cups makes things much easier for our delivery volunteers. Just put a few stones in the bottom of the cup to weight it down.

May I add a message to the note card?

Absolutely! Please feel free to add a short message of encouragement to the card.

Questions or suggestions? We want to hear from you! Please contact Janie & Kristin at or Betty Jo at

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