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welcome to the mission!

Our MOVE Admin Team is comprised of our CTK Mission Director and a team of volunteer support staff. MOVE Admin helps all our missions and ministries run smoothly, providing supplies, support, technology, and logistical assistance.

We want to hear from you, so never hesitate to reach out to us. Contact information is below or click HERE to view our Leadership Team or send them a message.

Betty Jo King, Mission Director

Jenna Muesse, HOPE Carts, Supplies, MOVE Office

Evelyn Hart, Volunteer Coordinator, VicNet app

Donna Breuer, The Little Flower Pantry

Melanie Riley, MOVE Appeal

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Leaders Team

We love to hear your ideas - scroll down to contact us

As we pray and work together to discern God's will for Christ the King's Mission, Outreach and Evangelization Ministries, we want to hear from you! Your ideas, comments, questions, concerns - they are very important to us.  You are welcome to fill in your contact information, or not - it's up to you.


Thank you for your prayers, service & gifts - they make all the difference!

Isabel Adams

Mike Bernardo

Rachel Blair

Marvin Boyd

Donna Breuer

Dc. Tom Cannon

Peggy Casey

Gio Chiechi

Shell Davies

Will Garmon

Jeff Gramlich

Evelyn Hart

Jackie Kaufman

Janie Kelley

Betty Jo King

Nicole Lashbrook

Kristin McConnell

Elena McNeff

Mike Miskin

Jenna Muesse

Lorien Trapani

Teri Tribby

Lee Wilbur

Lori Wilbur

Our MOVE Leaders want to hear from you!

Thanks for your input!

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