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Every day, we are blessed to see the many ways our volunteers are the hands and feet of Christ.

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Do I have to register for VicNet to volunteer with Christ the King MOVE?

No, you always have the option of contacting the MOVE Office and asking us to sign you up for a particular volunteer opportunity.  If you do not sign up for access, you may view the volunteer opportunities by clicking on the red "Christ the King Service Opportunities" button above.  We will give you a registration form to complete by hand so we can key you into the system. One of the most important reasons we have for wanting you to register either online or on paper is so we have an emergency contact for you.

Why do you want us to track our volunteer hours?

Tracking volunteer hours will help us in a variety of ways. First, we are exploring the possibility of applying for grants in the future, which will involve us reporting volunteer hours on the application and tracking them during our grant reporting.  It's also important for us to see trends - what areas of MOVE are attracting volunteers, how long does the average volunteer at each opportunity, etc. This will help us plan future activities.

Where do I go for assistance with VicNet and VicTouch?

The MOVE Office will be in charge of support for these programs, so just reach out to us with any questions.  We are exploring having some drop-in times that we will be available to sit down with you and answer any questions that you might have about using VicNet.

Is there an app? Can I create a shortcut on my phone?

Volgistics does not currently offer an app, but it only takes a minute to create a shortcut on your phone, and you can save the login/password info on your phone.  If you are uncertain how to create a shortcut on your phone, click iPHONE or ANDROID for instructions.

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