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Medical Volunteers


Our friends at St. Theresa and Our Lady of Good Counsel are finally realizing their dream of a mission-based charitable health program for their community. Divine Mercy Health Center has now seen over 100 patients. Click HERE to learn more about this innovative approach to offering mind, body, and spiritual health to people in need.

Christ the King is thrilled to extend our mission work to help our friends at Divine Mercy. We are helping them with recruitment and volunteer management, and we have linked our fresh food collection to the Medical Mission, offering a much need resource to people who are experiencing food insecurity.

DMHC is launching their "Take One" program. This invites physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, physical therapists, etc. to take one patient pro bono for one year. If you are interested in learning more about Take One or the Medical Mission, please contact Dr. Lee Wilbur HERE

If you are a physician, therapist, dentist, or other health care provider, please contact Dr. Lee Wilbur HERE to learn more about DMHC's Take One Program.

Divine Mercy Health Center

P. O. Box 25243

Little Rock, AR 72221

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