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Current Projects

Now that our family from Afghanistan has resettled in Muncie, IN, we are exploring ways to assist the Afghan Community here in Little Rock. There are two programs that are being developed:

Our Sewing Mission is working with leaders from other faith communities to start a monthly sewing gathering.  This will allow the women to build community, have some ESL time, and continue to develop their sewing skills. 

Our CYM MOVE Leaders are working on a multicultural food pantry that would help our Afghan Friends. They are almost all unable to make it through the month without assistance from a Food Pantry - and many of the foods provided by these organizations are not suitable for our families due to religious restrictions or their inability to read instructions.

St Francis before the Sultan (Trial by Fire)
by Giotto di Bondone

The story of St. Francis of Assisi and the Sultan reminds us of the beauty that comes from peaceful dialogue & encounters offered in love. May we continue to find ways to love our neighbor, find beauty in our diversity, and bring peace into the world. Thank you all so much for your generosity, prayers and support for our mission!

Our Family from Afghanistan

In 2022, Christ the King sponsored a family from Afghanistan in collaboration with Catholic Charites of Arkansas, our Interfaith Community, Pax Christi Little Rock, Divine Mercy Health Center, and Settled Souls.

Our family of 7 arrived on December 6, 2021, and thanks to your generosity and countless hours of volunteer service, they made wonderful progress during their time here in Little Rock. 


They have recently moved to Muncie, IN to live near their extended family (13 people). Muncie has a wonderful refugee program, and they have already found Alijan a full-time job, and the family has moved into a rent house only a few blocks from their relatives.

Thanks to the support from Christ the King Donors and Volunteers, they were able to meet all the initial goals, including: 

  • Permanent housing

  • The Father had full-time employment

  • They connected with their local Mosque

  • The Father and two oldest children received ESL

  • All Government ID/Programs/Applications were made

  • School Age Children were enrolled in Public Schools

  • Medical/Dental needs were addressed

We ask you to join us in continuing to keep them all  in your prayers. Thank you so very much for your prayers & support this past year - you've made an incredible difference to the Urguni Family!

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