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Betty's Brigade Meal Team: CTK Mission

Provide Meals for people in need in our community

Cook/Bake/Grill for CTK Mission related events

Donate Drink, Food, Supplies

Delivery, set-up and clean-up help is always appreciated

We are limited due to COVID restrictions, but we are planning! If you'd like to help plan or want to volunteer for future events, please contact Betty Jo in the Mission Office

This team provides food for people in need, for missionaries during work days and meetings, and anywhere else that the Lord calls them to serve. It is our hope that Betty Franzetti's love and service for God and His people will continue to inspire others for years to come.

We are currently open for team members and one time volunteers. If you're not a cook, no problem. Buying drinks, delivering food, set up and clean up are ways to help!

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