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Thank you to all our 2021 Volunteers!

Our next First Saturday Workday will be

March 5, 2022

MOVE is moving to a new volunteer platform called VicNet, powered by Volgistics. We have been beta testing it, and it is ready to use. It only takes a minute to sign up and then you'll be able to view and sign up for all our MOVE Volunteer activities through VicNet.

Click HERE to register for VicNet

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HOPE Sack Instructions

Our food sacks are donated to a variety of organizations, most recently Jericho Way, From His Throne, & St. Bartholomew 

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What is First Saturday Workday?

First Saturday Workday is an opportunity for our parish to come together and help others.  We hope to have a variety of projects available in the community and at our church, and we are always happy to hear your ideas of how we can serve God and his people.


Do I have to sign up to participate?

We encourage you to sign-up online for our workdays - it helps us plan the projects and gives us a way to notify volunteers if there is a last minute change.  But if you didn't sign up and would like to help, come on and we'll find you something to do!

Is there anyway for me to participate from home?

Absolutely!  Even when COVID restrictions have eased back, there will always be people who must stay home for a variety of reasons.  We want you to stay connected to the Mission Ministry.  We will always have a project that can be done from home, and donations of items or gift cards will be a tremendous help.  


Are all FSW projects suitable for confirmation service hours?

While most of our CTK volunteer opportunities will be suitable for youth, some community organizations will have age restrictions.


Confirmation Service Hour Volunteers will need to be supervised by an adult volunteer


We thank you for your patience as we plan our first projects.  As we receive confirmation on community events, they will be added to this list, so feel free to check back.

If you have any questions, please contact Betty Jo in the Mission Office

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